Dissertations Guided

M.Tech Dissertations

Mody University of Science and Technology, Lakshmangarh, Rajasthan


  • LCD based Resin 3D Printer, Annandita Singh Bhati
  • Image Compression using Neural Network, Niharika Krishna


  • Hybrid DE/BBO Approach for PEGASIS Algorithm, Chetna Singh
  • Improving Energy Efficient in Wireless Sensor Networks, Bhavini Saraswat
  • Investigating the Impact of Black Hole on Hierarchical Protocol – LEACH, Sheffy Jindal

Gujarat Technological University, Ahmedabad, Gujarat


  • Vehicular Opportunistically-Assisted Parking Scheme using Inter-Vehicular Ad-Hoc Network, Drashti S Baldev
  • A Secure Method for AODV Routing using Detection and Prevention of Collaborative Blackhole Attacks In MANET, Payyappilly Priya Jeejo
  • An Enhancement Energy Consumption Model on AODV Protocol for MANET, Hetal C Detroja


  • Improving slow start strategy of TCP newReno Protocol based on congession control algorithm, Chintan Chabadiya
  • MOD-LEACH : Improvement of LEACH for energy consumption in Wireless Sensor Networks, Shekhar Vyas


  • G-MDM: Group-based Mobile Data Management, Suhani N Trambadiya
  • Devised formulation for improving the lifetime and energy efficiency of routing algorithm in wireless sensor network, Surabhi Mishra
  • Service Based Trusted System using Social Networking, Hardik P Jagad
  • Timely Based Confide System with Social Networking, Niraj D Bhagchandani

Rajiv Gandhi Proudyogiki Vishwavidyalaya, Bhopal, MP


  • Securing AODV Routing Protocol Against Cooperative Blackhole Attack in MANET, Rupali Goyal
  • Evolution of Lossless Still Image Compression Method based on Low Complexity Lossless Compression & DWT, Urmila Mahor
  • Intrusion Detection in Wireless Ad-hoc Network, Banshilal Patidar
  • Specialized Study of Routing Protocols to Maximize Efficiency of MANET using NS-2, Akhilesh A Waoo


  • Enhanced Hash based Strong Password Authentication Protocol, Vijay Kumar Lokhande
  • Anomaly Detection using Two Approaches, Munmun Sharma
  • Ear Recognition based on Average Ear Approach, Gopal Singh Tandel